A Picture and a Plan

The picture for my new blog site is of a well-worn pathway leading into forest and fog. The fog reminds me of the devotional classic Cloud of Unknowing.  And in scripture the presence of God is often associated with clouds. This surely means any account of our experiences with God must be expressed with humility. God is far more than our little experience of God.

I have thought a lot about what I wanted to do in this space–even what I wanted to call it. I thought about using the words ‘spirituality’ or ‘mysticism’. But I was reminded of what an old professor of mind once said. He had for a few years offered a course entitled “Christian Mysticism”. Almost no one signed up. He changed the title, but not the syllabus. The new title was Devotional Classics. That change significantly increased the number of students who enrolled. So, I tried to find a name and a theme that would be more winsome.

Truth be told, I will be talking about spirituality (a much over-used word) and mysticism (a suspicious word), but it’s really about how we connect with God.

One final word today on the phrase “Pathways to God”. I believe that Christ is the Way to Life and Truth–the Way to God. But that Way can be found along many different paths. And whichever path we find ourselves walking, Christ will be with us.

Till next time, may God’s peace cover you like the forest along your path to God.


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