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My full name is Raymon LaMon Brown. I go by my middle name–pronounced like the car without the ‘s’. I am retired and living in Birmingham, Alabama with my wife of 50+ years, Pat.

My interest in spirituality and mysticism is long-standing going back at least 40 years. I have read a lot in the area and practiced many of the disciplines. However, I remain suspicious of any one claiming superior advancement in the spiritual realm, so I claim no superior knowledge or deeper-than-most spiritual experiences. In this blog, I will share some of what I have read and experienced, hoping that those who read the blogs might be helped AND that some would reply in ways that would help me.

I have been a pastor and a missionary, so my background is decidedly Christian. However, I never want to limit true and lasting spiritual experiences only to those who claim a Christian heritage. We can find and experience deep truths in all the major religions. Even institutional religions do not limit our access to the Divine or God. Many people have experience the numinous through music, visual arts, and nature.

So, I look forward to exploring together pathways to God.

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