A Highway to the Presence of God

In Isaiah 35, the prophet speaks of a highway to Zion which, in his context, means a highway to the presence of God. He calls it a holy way, a safe way, and a happy way.

It is holy because it belongs to God. It is safe, Isaiah says, so that even fools cannot get lost. Some days I find great comfort in that! It is happy because it is filled with the redeemed who love to sing.

There was an old Methodist who used to sing all the time. He would sing in the morning when he got up. He would sing in his workshop. He was always singing. Someone asked him one day, why he always sang. His answer, “Because I always have something to sing about.”

Isaiah presents us with a wonderful picture of our journey; a journey of glad-hearted hope. But that is not the whole story, is it? Yes, we may be redeemed, but our redemption is not yet complete. Jesus has come, but still we sing, “O come, o come Emmanuel”.

Sometimes, to use Isaiah’s words from this passage, we still have “weak hands, feeble knees, and fearful hearts.” It’s true I know of me.

As we walk this path, may God strengthen our hands to serve, our knees to follow, and especially our hearts to love.

One thought on “A Highway to the Presence of God

  1. Thank you for the lovely image of pathways to God, LaMon. It’s time for me, as I’ve been thinking about the pathways the Magi must have taken to come to Jesus.I wish you well with this venture.


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