Zoom Retreat

I will be offering a retreat on the value of haiku as a spiritual discipline. It is being sponsored by The Ayres Center of Spiritual Development of St. Mary’s Sewanee University. The dates are 6-8 pm on Friday January 15, 10-4 on the 16th, and 10-12 am on the 17th. You may contact Mary Beth Best, the Reservation Coordinator, at reservations@stmaryssewanee.org.


4 thoughts on “Zoom Retreat

  1. Thank you Margaret. We had a good retreat. There were five ladies and me. They responded very well to the exercises from you book. I also had them meditate on an icon of Jesus blessing the children which they liked very much.



      1. I suspect that you have been told before, but of all the haiku books out there (that I have read) yours is the only one that encourages using haiku in lectio divina. While I write a lot of haiku outside of the lectio divina process, I suspect that fully half of my haiku involve lectio divina or at least a response to a written passage. Again, thanks for a fine intro to haiku. Peace, LaMon

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